Q: How do you eat an elephant?

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A: Bit by bit

Overwhelmed by your to-do list
1. Get a pen and a page, divide it into 4.
2. Allocate one of these headings into each panel –

Urgent; Important; Planned; Ad-hoc

3. Write down ALL of the things that you have to do – decide if it is urgent, important, planned or ad hoc and put it into the relevant panel
4. Review.

What do you want to achieve? What’s the purpose of this list? What can you delegate? What can you ignore or dump? What one action will make a huge difference to your level of performance?
The list may look like alot, if you review it’s purpose, rewrite it if you need to and chunk it down into small pieces, it is possible to manage your to-do’s effectively and perform at a higher level.

5. Rewrite the list and allocate dates (Tip: We use Astrid and google calendar and it’s great)

If you want more tips contact Sinead for a 1-2-1 consultation

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