Change starts with Me!

July 14th, 2017 in Blog by 0 Comments

I have designed a series of Change Start with ME! webinars for clients, supporters, and friends of TpEBO. The 45 min sessions take place once a month and focus on one topic / intervention typically used in client sessions.  The session is structured to act as a reminder and support your development. You will not be charged to attend. I will update you on when, where and how to connect each month and sometimes set a challenge or task (which is your choice to complete).

If you want updates on the Change Starts with ME! sessions and TpEBO, click here and complete the form


2017 themes are:

Tolerations                 September 1st 2017

Self-Care                     October  6th  2017

Goal Setting               November 3rd 2017



If you are going to join in (and I hope you do)  I want you to use the 45 minutes each month as an opportunity to focus on yourself and your self-development and in the future where appropriate, share and recommend me so I can reach more people.

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