The company helps R&D teams, experts & analysts thrive in business so they step out of their silos, communicate & work effectively together and in multi-disciplinary environments. The result is that they are understood & can ask for what they need to grow. We do this by helping clients shift their mindset and focus on how they can operate authentically and get the job done in diverse situations. Ultimately, clients find practical ways to integrate and increase effectiveness.

Programmes are customised to bring different opinions, industry issues, and personal agendas into alignment and get results. Sessions are structured to leverage the time available with the expertise in the room.

TpEBO* clients include researchers, advisory groups, experts, businesses, trade bodies and competitors who are working together to address an industry issue.

Specialties: Mindset | Leadership | Alignment |


The company was founded by Sinead Hewson who is an entrepreneur with a business, health & communication background.

Policy Statements

1. Privacy policy (GDPR 2018)

2. Environmental Policy Statement

3. Social Responsibility Statement

4. Quality Management Statement

5. International Coach Federation Member Code of Ethics



* TpEBO = Time Poor Experts & Business Owners

What we offer

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