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Passion! is a hands-on programme designed to help you uncover your purpose & passion and work out your next steps as you recalibrate your life. My experience, at times, was excruciating. I tried too hard. This programme will stretch your vision of who you are and why you do the things you do.

Recalibrating your life is fun! The things you take for granted businesswise and at home change. This programme helps you get organised, navigate the challenges and live your passion

Sessions focus on the quality of your life where success is an inner process. We discuss in our 1-2-1 accountability sessions pursuing your ambition and doing what makes the most sense to you.

During the programme you will:
1. Identify your purpose & set a stretch goal
2. Create & commit to an action plan
3. Complete a reality check & personal insight: My PASSION is…

Session 1: Why am I here
Nov 16, 12:00 t0 13:00 CET
Session 2: What can I do
Nov 23, 12:00 t0 13:00 CET
Session 3: Personal Action Plan
Nov 30, 12:00 t0 13:00 CET
Dec 6, 12:00 t0 13:00 CET

The format is a mix of facilitated questions and action based activity to keep you energised, focused and engaged.

Cost: EUR  350 (inc BTW)

For more information please contact Sinead Hewson email:

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The workshop is delivered as a webinar. The sessions are recorded, so if you cannot attend in person, you can still participate!

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