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Consultants are great at talking up subjects, saying they are the best at (x). While experience, industry knowledge, matching of skills and ability to get the job done are important – the majority of clients say the key decider is chemistry. If you are meeting with a consultant to decide if you want to work with them…. It is worthwhile finding out how they extract information from you and their working style.

Superb consultants have been modeled closely and this is how they operate. They tend to take a problem solving approach to their clients work and their purpose is to come up with a good solution.

They will:

  1. Check what you want
  2. Learn about your situation (existing / new / ideal future)
  3. Clarify your needs
  4. Think of a win / win solution
    When you take on their services they will:
  5. Create a project plan & budget
  6. Deliver on their promise – seek approval & agreement on their approach
  7. Implement the programme superbly and review (wins, learnings and warts)

If this is not happening in your current situation – review your relationship, establish a better way of working or change supplier. It’s important to find the best and work with the best.

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