Q: How do you eat an elephant?

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A: Bit by bit

Here’s how.
1. Get a pen and some blank pages.
2. Write down ALL of the things that you have to do on one or more blank pages.
3. Divide one of the pages into four and allocate one of the headings into each panel

Urgent;     Important;     Planned;    Ad-hoc

3. Review and edit the list of tasks. Decide if the task is urgent, important, planned or ad hoc.
4. Allocate the task under a specific heading.
5. Take a break then review the list again.
Consider the following:
a. What do you want to achieve?
b. What’s the purpose of this list?
c. What can you delegate?
d. What can you ignore or dump?
e. What one action will make a huge difference to your level of performance?
Note: The list may look chaotic at first. When you review its purpose, rewrite and chunk it down into small pieces as needed. When you manage your to-do’s effectively you automatically perform at a higher level.

5. Rewrite the list and allocate completion dates! (Tip: set the completion date 2 days before the real due date…it takes the pressure off)

Let me know if you want more tips like this.

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