We herd cats

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Facilitating difficult meetings is similar to herding cats. Attendees have diverse opinions and want their opinion heard and taken on board. That’s I Sinead come in. My role as facilitator is to ask the right questions and generate engaging conversations amongst attendees so that the meeting results in tangible outcomes.

Believe it or not, 90% of the work takes place before the meeting. I work closely with the client to gain an understanding of what is really needed. What is the best use of attendees’ time? What are the issues facing the people in the room? Who will be in the room and why? What do we want to achieve as a group in a short space of time?

Meetings are intense, ranging from 1 hour to 3 days for large and small groups, face to face and in virtual environments. Sessions are practical and structured to provoke thought and designed so attendees face the hard questions early on.

Once a common issue has been identified, I help you align thinking and to identify the actions needed to take once the meeting is over.

I am down to earth and low-key; this allows you, the client to take credit for a wonderful session! Be warned…I will challenge you to ensure that your meeting is as productive and effective as possible.

Feel free to contact me about your needs for professional facilitator and rapporteur services. Here is a link to Sinead’s calendar to set up a FIND OUT MORE  call.

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